5 New Gold Jewellery Pieces You’ll Want to Wear Every Day

5 New Gold Jewellery Pieces You'll Want to Wear Every Day

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but what pairs best with that? That’s right – gold! Gold jewellery never goes out of style or fashion. Investing in a few select pieces of gold jewellery will turn any everyday outfit into something elegant. 

Some people may think of gold jewellery as old fashioned, but that’s not the case. Gold jewellery is perfect for daytime or evening wear. It can be paired with other items or worn along to increase the bling of your look.  

Investing a piece of new gold jewellery is something that can last throughout your life and is a wonderful item to pass onto future generations. Continue reading to find out more information about quality pieces of gold jewellery. 

New Gold Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or perhaps a bit more traditional, the possibilities for gold jewellery are endless. Gold is a great investment, as it holds its value over time. Sometimes, the value will even increase depending on the price of gold at that time. 

Here are some options for elegant gold jewellery to add to your jewellery box:


Mixing different types of metals is a trend that has come more into fashion over the years. Layering necklaces of different shades of gold, such as yellow and white, can create a unique look. Some necklaces may even have two shades of 9ct gold already in the necklace, creating a unique look. 


Hoop earrings are a jewellery box essential and 9ct gold hoops look great when paired with a sleek ponytail to show them off. If you want to go bold for a night out, get big hoops to make a statement. Medium-sized hoops work well for work or a casual lunch with the girls. Add in smaller hoops for additional piercings on your ears. 


Delicate, linked jewellery is all the rage right now. Stack several small chains or go with a larger one to make more of a statement. Pair it with a watch or wear a dainty bracelet alone. A gold bangle is another good option to dress up your look. Whatever your taste is, you’re sure to find a bracelet that works for you. 


Rings are another piece of jewellery that can be stack or worn alone. Cocktail rings make an excellent statement piece. Gold paired with an opal looks elegant and can be the only piece of jewellery that you need to wear. Use a ring to elevate the outfit you’re wearing, even if it is trousers and a shirt. 

Pick Your Perfect Piece

Gold jewellery is timeless and can be easily paired with other items to create an elegant look. Don’t be afraid to mix up metals, pairing a delicate gold jewellery chain with a bolder rose gold one. 

Investing in new gold jewellery will only benefit you in the long run. Check out Gold Collections selection of perfectly curated gold pieces. Select a new piece today to add to your collection and enjoy for many years to come.