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1. 14ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Set

This second hand engagement ring is available at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new ring. 


High Diamond Carat Weight

The wedding ring and diamond eternity ring is set with a total carat weight of over 1 carat. 

Gold Carat

This second hand piece of jewellery is made from 14ct gold. This is of higher purity than 9ct gold. 


Reasons to buy

Perfect for an engagement gift on a budget.

Lovely rose gold finish.



2. Mens 18ct White Gold Pinky Ring

One of my very own favourites, recently purchased. A heavy weight mens second hand diamond ring at 11.7g. Diamonds are securely held. Great pinky ring for a man. 


High Diamond Carat Weight

Ring set with half a carat worth of round brilliant diamonds. Perfect for the diamond man. 

Gold Carat

Made in UK hallmarked 18ct white gold. One of the worlds highest purity metals around. 


Reasons to buy

Perfect piece for a man to wear with a suit.

Great for everyday.

Has some minor marks but overall a nice well made mens ring. 



3. Mens 9ct Gold Second Hand Gold Chain

Mens 9ct gold heavy second chain in excellent condition. At a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. A lot of manufacturers are not making this sort of item and today it is specially custom made if you require a new one. 


Heavy Solid Product

Weight of item is 71 grams over 2 ounces. This chain would last a life time. Perfect for handing it to generation by generation. 


Gold Carat

This second hand piece of jewellery is made from 9ct gold. Contain 37.5% pure gold in this chain. 


Reasons to buy

Perfect for a special birthday 

Great generational gift

In very good condition

If looked after well would last a life time