The Best Gold Jewellery for Men and Women


Pre-owned Gold Belcher Chain 9ct

Are you on the search for a piece of quality gold jewellery for you or someone else? Gold jewellery has been a fashion staple for thousands of years. Men in particular have a history of donning gold jewellery to show off their status. 

What once was a symbol of wealth and status is now a fashion statement and a token of affection. Gold Collections is committed to always provide high-quality gold jewellery.

Continue reading to learn more about gold chain necklaces, bracelets, and watches for men and women.

Gold Chain Necklaces

9ct Gold Flower Pendant For LadiesGold chains for men can be worn with religious emblems or medical information. A gold chain for women can be a canvas to add rings or charms.

They can also stand alone as a necklace for men and women. All of our gold chains are made from real gold.

Did you know that there are different styles of chains? Popular styles are curb, belcher, and figaro. 

Curb Chains

A curb link chain is a timeless design. The identical links connect to form a square series. The design allows for dimension and spackle. 

When interlocked, the links on the chain lay flat. Curb chains are a popular choice for men and women. Men tend to prefer thicker and heavier chains while women tend to prefer thinner chains. Curb chains are simple to care for.

Belcher Chains

A belcher chain consists of D-shaped links that are broad and uniform in shape. The belcher chain originated in Britain in the 18th century and remains a popular British design to this day.

The links are often round, but the shape can vary. The chain link is wider than it is thick.

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains originated in, you guessed it, Italy. The chain features alternating patterns of three flattened circular links and one oval-shaped link.

The figaro chain is often worn on its own or with a pendant. It is a popular gender-neutral choice. 

Gold Bracelets

Our 9 ct gold bracelets feature designs and patterns for any preference. Gold bracelets make fantastic gifts for significant others or family members. 

A gold bracelet for men often consists of chain links. Gold bracelets can be dainty, heavy, or even multicoloured. Wear them alone, or add meaningful charms and pendants. 

Inquire with your jeweller about your gold bracelet’s karat weight. Gold karats are a different measuring system than diamond carats. 

9ct Gold Twist Bracelet Fancy New

Gold Watches


Watches are fantastic statement pieces that show personality and character. At Gold Collections, we sell high-quality pre-owned vintage jewellery as well as new pieces.

Vintage gold watches are timeless. You can rest assured that your loved one will cherish the gift of a gold watch. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Gold Jewellery

Whether it’s a gold chain necklace, bracelet, or watch, gold jewellery always makes for a thoughtful gift and fashion statement. 

Be sure to browse our catalogue of high-quality new and pre-owned gold jewellery. Contact us today with any questions or inquiries!