Why Buy Pre-Owned Gold and Diamond Jewellery

Pre-owned jewellery is worth buying because a you’re saving large margin on the retail for example a 9ct gold chain heavy curb design that weighs 30 grams would cost about £49 to £59 or higher per gram brand new. In comparison a second-hand chain almost identical could be found as cheap as £28-40 per gram. In the wake of Gold fluctuations diamond rings are also often sold to us and as we purchase pre-owned diamonds for fractional price of the original retail, due to the fact they are second-hand.

Why buy a second hand diamond?
Let’s be honest they are pretty much the same thing as buying a new one at a shop, and the main reason being diamonds are hard to damage therefore its no different than owning a a second-hand one bought from a jewellery shop selling second-hand items. The only difference is the massive amount of money you would be saving by going pre-owned. 

Where is pre-owned jewellery available to buy?
We source our pre-owned jewellery via a variety or places and we purchase on occasions some of it we purchased from other Jewellers that deal with the trade. We buy in bulk therefore we can pass on the discounts we get to our customers. So please look around your local independent jewellers on the high street or online.

How to get a good deal on larger Diamond Engagement Rings?

To find good deals on large diamond engagement rings or a ring for your wife again the idea and information next will help you find that deal. 

A brand new 1 carat round brilliant diamond ring  retails from anywhere between £8000 to £20000 in most shopping mall jewellery chain stores. 

If you happen to shop around in a small independent jewellery shop eg a family run business you will be able to find a similar diamond for as little  even £3000 to £5000 depending on the grade of the diamonds of course.  A diamond takes millions of years to form therefore from my research into the industry I find that a lot of unwanted engagement rings have the diamonds removed from the old mounts and the diamonds are cleaned and polished and recycled back into the jewellery market as new items. So go into a local jewellers and ask do you have any second hand diamond rings and they will be happy to show you. In fact we will show you an example of this benefit in the video below. 


Jewellery is so quite an expensive purchase and what makes it worse is that the Multiples that trade in shopping malls add almost a quadruple markup on their items to keep their business sustainable. Why should you as a customer have to put up with this? Therefore I advice you to give the smaller independent jewellers a go and see what they have to offer. 

I’d like to add to this blog is a lot of new jewellery that you get from multiple chain Jewellers located shopping malls is produced at a high volume. So often your own engagement ring which you feel is unique and made for you ends up not being so exclusive as they  are reproduced at such a high rate.

With pre-owned jewellery you will find it difficult to find one of the same items. Each item is unique whether it be a ring, bracelet, chain or necklace. Often the quality of older jewellery is way better than new jewellery also. The best thing is second hand jewellery represents great value for money and you will definitely be saving money.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Gold and Diamond Jewellery